We do what we love.

We use quality machinery to rid commodity of dockage.


We strive to find the highest quality material at farmgate prices.


We work with our rail and port partners to offer the quickest delivery possible.


A peek into the company.
AgriCan is a crop processor, supplier, and exporter based in SK, Canada that is ready to serve the global community with quality product.

AgriCan International Inc. is a special crop exporting company that has direct relations with primary producers across Saskatchewan. We have the ability to provide conventional and organic lentils, peas, chickpeas, oats, milling barley, durum and spring wheat to consumers around the world at reasonably lower prices. They are good products for weight watchers and health conscious people, as well as people with exceptional tastes.

We care about product quality and customer service. We are fully committed to meeting high international standards, no matter the country. We communicate with our clients about the best possible commodity quality, price terms, shipment date, and other subjects related to the order to ensure a mutually beneficial deal with a sense of teamwork. This level of engagement and teamwork extends to all levels of operations and has become an integral part of our company culture. We provide not only the best possible commodity, but the best possible experience as well.

AgriCan means agriculture Canada. Canada is a key producer of crops and is a global supplier with engagement in over 150 markets and roughly two billion in sales from just pulses every year. From the farm to the fork, Canada continues to lead the way in meeting consumer needs and tastes worldwide with its willingness and ability to develop and produce high quality beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas. We are sitting in the heart of one of Canada's largest production areas of crops, and we are ready to serve you.


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